How Do Guys Feel After Sex?

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The feelings that men experience after sex are pretty similar to the ones women feel. However, there are some differences.

For both guys and women, sex can intensify feelings that were already there before. But it can also create new ones. Here are some of the ways that guys feel after sex: 1. They’re satisfied.

1. They’re satisfied

Men get pleasure from the physical act of sex, and they’re satisfied when they orgasm during an encounter. If they can’t reach an orgasm or if it takes a while to get there, then this is something that will bother them.

Guys also like it when their partner tells them that they’re hot during sex, but this isn’t always the case. Some guys can be very selfish when it comes to sex and only care about the satisfaction they’ll receive from it.

As immature as it sounds, one of the first things that many guys think about after sex is how their penis looks. This is a very common thing for guys to worry about, especially if they’re new to the game or are insecure.

They may also be concerned about whether their protection worked or they were unprotected. This can be a big deal for some people and is something they might need to discuss with their partners if this is an ongoing issue. Alternatively, they could be worried about what their friends will think.

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2. They’re happy

While women’s desire for sex may be fueled by memory and emotional feelings of connection, men’s desire for sex is almost entirely physical. Their bodies are filled with massive amounts of testosterone, and erections spring to life at the slightest provocation. When they reach orgasm, they’re usually feeling extremely satisfied.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re in love with you. In fact, if he’s only casually dating you or you’re in a friends-with-benefits relationship, he could be thinking of other things after sex. This might include being hungry or a dentist appointment he has tomorrow.

It’s also possible that he’s patting himself on the back for getting you into bed and can’t believe it’s actually happened. This can be especially true if he’s inexperienced and it takes him a while to reach orgasm. He might be wondering if his performance was good enough to impress a girl in the future or even a past girlfriend. He’s probably also wondering if you enjoyed it, too. If so, he’s probably elated that you loved him like that!

3. They’re jealous

Men tend to get insecure after sex. They worry about whether they’re good enough between the sheets. They want to know if they made their partner reach climax and have an orgasm. They also worry about how long they took to finish. There’s a stereotype in pornography and sexology that the longer you take to orgasm the better the experience.

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The truth is that it’s not as easy as deciding to orgasm. Some people have trouble reaching climax, and others simply don’t have an orgasm at all. Despite these realities, a guy’s self-esteem is still affected by how he orgasms.

He’s also worried about being judged by other guys. He doesn’t want to be considered a “trigger happy d*ck.” If he acts defensively, gives you the cold shoulder, or avoids talking to you, it’s likely because he’s jealous. If this is the case, he needs to have an honest conversation with you. He’ll probably be more open to you in the future. He’ll also be less likely to try to manipulate you or play games with you.

4. They’re insecure

Although it doesn’t always seem that way based on their standard coital facial expressions, men actually have a lot of thoughts going through their minds during and after sex. These thoughts can range from innocuous to downright creepy.

One of the most common thoughts that guys have after sex is how they stack up with other people. They may wonder if they are as big or as small as their ex or even their friends. This can make a guy feel insecure and even lead to him not wanting to have sex with you again.

Another thing that a man might think after sex is whether or not you like him in a sexual sense. This can be a big deal to some men, especially if they are in a committed relationship. If a guy doesn’t want to have sex with you again, it could be that he doesn’t feel that connection beyond the physical or you aren’t his “one.” This is a serious problem and something that needs to be addressed. You should talk to him about this and see what he says.

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5. They’re tired

The physical and emotional exhaustion caused by sex can leave men feeling sleepy. This is especially true if it was a satisfying orgasm, as their brain secretes more prolactin, which makes them feel drowsy. Prolactin also governs how long it takes for a man to have an erection again after ejaculation, which can last up to a day.

Sex often takes place at night, in a calm environment that signals the brain that it’s almost time to wind down for bed. This, combined with the hormones that make them drowsy, may help explain why many men fall asleep immediately after sex.

When a man does fall asleep after sex, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested in you or that he doesn’t want to spend time with you. He is likely simply tired from the orgasm and wants to rest so he can wake up fresh for another round. The more he sleeps after sex, the closer he might feel to you, as some studies suggest that couples who snooze together feel more strongly bonded.

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