How Long is a Blue Whales Penis?

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When a blue whale is erect, it’s penis can be 10 feet long. Its testicles can weigh 150 pounds, and they can ejaculate multiple gallons of semen.

But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strange animal penises. Read on to find out how a blue whales penis can be compared to the genitalia of other mammals and ocean creatures.


Blue whales are some of the biggest animals in the world. They can grow to be over 100 feet long, and they weigh over 200 tons. They are also known to have the loudest sounds on Earth, and their hearts can be as big as a Volkswagen Beetle. They are also known for having the largest penises in the animal kingdom, as their testicles can grow up to eight or ten feet long on average.

The blue whale’s genital organs are larger than any other mammal’s, including the giant elephant’s, which can grow to be six feet long on average. Blue whales are also able to produce gallons of sperm at one time, which means their penises can be quite effective when it comes to sex.

Like many other mammals, blue whales are dioecious. They are able to reproduce once they reach sexual maturity, which normally occurs between five and fifteen years of age. Once they are ready to reproduce, blue whale males will swim near the equator to prepare for mating season.

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During the mating process, blue whales will engage in a complex ritual that involves rolling around each other. The male will then thrust his penis into the female’s vulva, and she will ejaculate. While it is hard to determine the exact reason for this ritual, scientists suspect that it could be a way to signal if a female is ready for sex.


The average blue whale penis is between 8-10 feet long and their diameter can be up to a foot in size. That makes their genitalia larger than the genitals of any other animal on the planet. The males also have a massive pair of testicles that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, producing an incredible amount of semen.

But even with that immense size, whale penises are surprisingly agile. Two muscles attached to the pelvis power the penis, giving it a wide range of motion and the ability to alter its shape. This enables the males to dexterously fit their phallus into the female’s vagina, which is important for the mating process.

While scientists still don’t fully understand whale mating, they do know that the males swivel their penises inside the female’s vulva while she lies on her back. Then, they thrust the phallus into her vagina so that it can inject sperm. The males do this repeatedly until the sperm is ejaculated and the pair swim away.

This is a strange and amazing piece of anatomy that’s just one of the many incredible things about whales. You can see these fascinating and mysterious creatures on our whale watching tours in the Azores.

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Being the largest creature that has ever walked the planet, blue whales have penises to match. Their phalluses can reach up to eight or ten feet in length with a foot-long diameter. They can weigh a few hundred pounds and ejaculate gallons of sperm at a time.

The male genitalia of cetaceans are known to come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from spiky to curly, forks to swords. However, they all have a similar function. The sperm they produce is hermaphrodite, which means that it can fertilize other sperm or be fertilized. They need to have a certain size to do this, so their genitalia can vary in shape and length.

If you have ever seen a video of a blue whale mating, it might seem like the whale has a giant erection. In reality, the female’s vagina is much bigger. The females of this species give birth to babies that can outweigh a modern car. The poop that blue whales excrete is also quite large and bright orange, a color that comes from the shells of the krill they eat.

It’s hard to measure exactly how big a whale’s poop is because it’s not something you see from the surface of the ocean. But scientists do have a good idea what it looks like. It’s a thick, chunky cloud of orange liquid. The liquid part of the poop is produced by the bacteria in their stomachs and the solid part is created by the whale’s digestive tract.

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In the animal kingdom, nothing beats a blue whale penis when it comes to size. Its length is eight times its body size, making it a giant phallus. Blue whale males use their massive penises during the mating process, and they are also hermaphrodites — they can both give and receive sperm.

When it comes to the most interesting penis in the world, though, that honor would probably go to the hermaphrodite sea slug known as Chromodoris Reticulata. This slug has two disposable penises that hide beneath its skin. It’s not clear how this slug uses its penises, but one theory is that they serve to remove rival sperm from the hermaphrodite’s body.

As for the most dexterous penis in the animal world, that honor might go to dolphins. This is because their genitalia have a very flexible prehensile structure. This allows them to grope and swivel their penises to find the entrance of a female dolphin’s vagina.

It may come as a shock to some people, but it’s important to understand that whales and other sea creatures are in peril. They are often killed unnecessarily in large commercial fisheries, and they are also affected by plastics and other human waste that is dumped into oceans. While we can’t stop humans from hunting whales, we can help by reducing our plastic and other waste in the world’s oceans.

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