How to Get Your Sex Drive Back While on Birth Control

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For some people, hormones play a big part in their enjoyment of sex. Many hormonal birth control pills lower levels of testosterone, which can decrease libido.

If you notice a decrease in your desire to have sex while on birth control, speak with your GP for help. You might be able to switch to a different birth control method that doesn’t impact libido.

1. Change Your Diet

For many people, changing their diet can make a huge difference in how they feel while on birth control. Eating healthier foods, avoiding processed and sugary foods, and getting enough fiber can help improve the way you feel during sex and increase your arousal.

It’s also important to remember that birth control can interfere with certain types of medications and supplements, so you should always check the box of whatever you’re taking to make sure it won’t interact with your hormones. Some common supplements that should be avoided include melatonin and St. John’s wort, which can decrease how well your birth control works.

2. Get More Sleep

Research suggests that taking birth control pills—both combined estrogen and progestin ones—can actually improve sleep. But more research is needed to understand the exact relationship, says Hack. You can also ask your gynecologist about switching to a different type of birth control, or using a hormonal IUD, which might help. And if you’re having trouble sleeping while on the pill, try taking it at the same time every day. “Morning or evening doesn’t matter, it’s consistency that matters,” she adds.

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If you take melatonin, make sure to check the box on your birth control to see if there are any potential interactions (though it’s unlikely). But ring, patch, IUD, and implant don’t go through the liver, so they shouldn’t interact with your sleep aid.

3. Change Your Exercise Routine

Many people find that certain forms of birth control can cause vaginal dryness, which can take the spark out of sexual intimacy. But lube can help with that, too.

The hormonal makeup of birth control pills can also affect libido. Many combined pills contain estrogen and progestin, which suppress hormone production to prevent ovulation, and make cervical mucus thick and unfriendly to ambitious sperm. This can lower testosterone levels, which hurts libido. But other pills may have no effect.

If you’re finding that your sex drive has dipped while on the pill, talk to your doctor. They can give you a blood test to check your hormone levels and see if a medication or lifestyle change could help. In the meantime, try some of these libido-boosting tips:

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4. Change Your Sleep Habits

Hormonal birth control pills can interfere with your hormones, which can affect libido. Some forms of birth control can also lower your testosterone levels, and healthy testosterone is linked to a high libido in women.

If you’re worried that your birth control is to blame for your lack of desire, talk to your doctor about it. They can help you determine if it’s your pill, or if there’s another cause like stress or depression.

In the meantime, try to get more sleep. Getting more sleep will make you feel energized and may help boost your libido. Make sure your mattress and pillow are comfortable, and try to stick to a consistent schedule. Eat a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables, avoid sugary foods, and limit your intake of saturated fat.

Stress can kill libido, so work on relaxing your mind and body through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, or journaling. Getting some light exercise will also help reduce your stress and give you more energy. And if you really want to rev up your libido, try reading romance novels or watching online erotica. Orgasms have also been proven to increase libido and can help you overcome a low drive.

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5. Change Your Routine

If you’re not able to get in the mood or are struggling with painful sex or orgasm, it might be time for a doctor checkup. (You should always talk to your doctor about sexual issues, whether or not they relate to birth control). The good news is that if you do find out it’s the pill reducing your libido, there are things you can do to help jumpstart it.

The first thing to do is take a look at your diet and sleep habits, as those can also impact libido. You can try eating foods that are known to be aphrodisiacs and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Stress is also linked to lowered libido, so destressing by getting a massage or doing some meditation or yoga can help.

If you’re taking a hormonal form of birth control, the type and dosage can affect your libido. SSRI medications, for example, have been found to decrease libido and can even prevent you from reaching orgasm. The best option for you might be to change your birth control method or, if that’s not an option, to increase the amount of hormones you take per day or change your dosage.

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