How to Make a Drildo Machine Using Tools You Already Have in Your Home

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Using tools you already have in your home to make a dildo machine isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s as simple as cutting off the end of a drill and then mounting your favorite dildo to it.

A reciprocating saw has a short back-and-forth blade movement that makes it perfect for a dildo machine.


Toys are a fun and imaginative way to explore sexual pleasure. While toys like pocket pussies and butt plugs can be very enjoyable, many people want to push their DIY skills a little further and create something with a bit more oomph. That is where the dildo machine comes in.

To make a dildo machine, you will need a reciprocating saw with a sharp end and a dildo of your choice. It is recommended that you use a dildo made of medical-grade silicone, as it will be durable and safe to insert into your vagina or anal.

It is also a good idea to use a quick-set alginate mold, as this will save time and prevent your creation from being ruined during the molding process. Finally, it is essential to have a sturdy base for your machine.

If you don’t have a 3D printer or want to avoid the hassle of making your own dildo mold, there are pre-made kits that allow you to turn almost any object into a dildo. This is a great option for beginners and it works well if you’re planning to make dildos for personal use or for sale.

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A dildo machine is a hands-free sex toy that is driven by a motor. It can be a great way to stimulate the body and mind, and it can also help you achieve orgasms faster.

This sex toy is easy to make and can be found online. It can be used by either a man or a woman, and it is ideal for beginners who are not sure how to use a dildo. However, it is important to ensure that the dildo is attached securely.

To make a dildo machine, you will need a reciprocating saw with a sharp blade and a dildo that is compatible with the design of the machine. You will also need a controller, a casing or base, and a pushrod.

First, you will need to build a foundation for the saw by using concrete or another material that is heavy enough to prevent it from tipping during use. Then, place the handle in the cement with the blade facing up and cut off the sharp edge. You will need to leave a small area where you can attach the dildo.


If you are considering making your own dildo machine, you will need a few things. First, you need a motor. There are many types of motors available online, but it’s important to get one that’s of good quality and is designed for use with a dildo.

You will also need a flywheel. This can be made out of wood or plastic, but you must ensure that it is rigid enough to withstand the force from the motor. You should make a hole in the center of the flywheel and then drill more holes at small intervals above it. This will allow you to adjust the size and length of the thrusts that the dildo gets as the motor rotates.

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You will also need a casing or base for your machine. You should choose a case that is large enough to comfortably hold the motor and shafts you have purchased. Screws, air tube connectors, and thread ball joints are also essential for this project. Finally, you will need a dildo with a Vac-U-Lock attachment. You can find these in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.


Using the same concept as the flywheel, this piece converts the rotation of the motor into the back-and-forth movement needed for penetration. It does this by drilling holes in the flywheel, allowing you to vary how much thrust is generated. The holes are located at various distances from the center of the wheel and can be adjusted depending on your needs. At the end of the pushrod is where you would connect your dildo.

The dildo base can be made out of any sturdy object that can withstand the vibrations and pressure. A chair or stool seat, for example, is a great option for this purpose. Make sure the seat is padded with a soft material to protect against any irritation.

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Another easy-to-make dildo base is out of a reciprocating saw. Simply cut off the sharp end and attach your chosen dildo to the end of the drill adapter. Then use the holes on the drill saw to mount it at your preferred height. When you turn on the power, it will help the dildo move back-and-forth to penetrate your inner walls.


A dildo machine is a fun DIY project to make that can be used for personal pleasure. It can be made from materials that are easily sourced from hardware stores or online. It can be as simple or complex as you want. It can be a great project to do with friends. It is also a great way to learn about electronics and sex toys.

The first thing you need is a reciprocating saw. This tool makes short back-and-forth movements, which is perfect for cutting the tube to create your dildo. You will also need a drill, a drill bit, a piece of Delrin plastic, a controller, and an aluminum tube. You will also need a handful of screws, bolts, and other miscellaneous parts.

Once you have all the parts, spray the silicone mold with Mann Ease Release 200 to prevent it from bonding to the base. Then, pour the silicone into the mold. Allow it to cure for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. You can also use a prep bowl like in the clone-a-willy entry to help hold your dildo during the curing process.

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