How to Respond to a Dick Pic

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Men have been taking and sharing pics of their penises for thousands of years. They’ve been depicted in cave drawings, paintings, and of course photos since cameras were invented.

Unfortunately, it seems like dick pics are more and more common. If you find yourself dating someone who sends unsolicited dick pics, here’s how to respond:

1. Compliment them

Men who send dick pics out of the blue probably think that showing you their junk will make you turn on them. But in reality, most girls are not turned on by a picture of a stranger’s penis that they didn’t ask for.

If he continues to send you more pictures of his dick, it’s important that you tell him that it’s not cool. This will put him in his place and hopefully he’ll stop. If he doesn’t, it’s ok to block and report him.

This will keep him off of your phone and off of your life for good. It’s also a great way to show him that you will not be intimidated by his actions. After all, he’s a total jerk and you’re not going to let him ruin your day by giving him the respect that he doesn’t deserve. Good luck, girl! And remember, safety comes first. Always be smart and safe when sexting! You can always ask a trusted friend for advice. If you’re really worried about someone, then call the police!

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2. Ask them to explain

Whether you’re talking to someone in person or on social media, you have the right to vocalise how disgusted and upset you feel. This is especially true if you didn’t ask for the photo and it’s an unsolicited one. In fact, there are some who use the internet as a platform for this kind of harassment and it’s important to stand in your power. Artist Whitney Bell created a gallery called ‘I Didn’t Ask for This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics’(opens in new tab) to highlight the issue and encourage women to speak up about online harassment.

If you decide to talk to the guy who sent you the pic, it’s worth asking him why he did it. Perhaps he thought that it would spark interest in him or maybe he thought it was the best way to get into a sexy conversation. Whatever his reasoning, it’s worth finding out what sort of person he is and how he thinks about consent. It might even help you decide if you want to stay in the relationship.

3. Ask them to stop

When you’ve been getting to know someone and they send you a dick pic, it can completely ruin the conversation. If you really saw something in them and thought there could be potential for a future together, let them know that this behaviour is unacceptable and gross. If you’re on social media, report them so that there is a chance their account could be suspended or even deleted if they continue to harass you digitally.

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It can be hard to understand why some people feel the need to send non-consensual pictures of their dick to strangers. They probably don’t realise that this makes the recipient feel disgusted, rather than turned on. It’s a real shame that people need to be taught how to respect others.

Asking them to stop is the best way of letting them know that you don’t want to talk with them anymore. If they keep sending pics, it’s time to block them and delete their number so that you can move on with your life and stop giving their shitty behaviour any power.

4. Don’t reply

When it comes to non-consensual dick pics, it’s often best to just not reply at all. This will prevent them from harassing you further and may make them think twice about sending you any more below-the-belt photos in the future.

You can also tell them that you’re not impressed with their dick pic and don’t want to see anymore of them. This is a quick and easy way to let them know that their behavior is inappropriate and doesn’t deserve any attention or effort from you.

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Another option is to send them a meme that perfectly describes your reaction to their picture. You can find plenty of them on the internet and they’ll definitely get the point across. This will show them that you’re not going to tolerate their behavior and they won’t be able to bother you again.

5. Share it on social media

With cameras in everyone’s pockets, it’s easy for anyone to send a picture of their penis to any person they like. This is a problem because most women don’t want this, especially from people they barely know.

The best way to avoid this is to only send a dick pic when it’s been asked for. Also, if you are going to send one, make sure it is in good lighting. Adding shadows and highlighting can help. Also, make sure the pic is clear enough to be seen and doesn’t include any other body parts or objects for scale.

Receiving a dick pic can be a hostile, uncomfortable and unsexy experience for most women. These photos are often used as a form of harassment, which is never acceptable. Standing in your power to speak out against these kinds of actions can prevent them from disrupting your energy long-term. If he keeps sending them, you might have to report him on social media or even block him entirely. Hopefully this will teach him that this isn’t OK, and he can stop doing it.

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