Mia Kay: Who She Is and What She Brings to the VR Adult Film Industry

From the United States to Lebanon and back – Mia Kay has come a long way! At 24 years old, this Cincinnati native is taking the virtual reality (VR) adult film industry by storm, and here is her story.

Bio: Mia Kay

From her unique ethnicity to her body measurements, VR Mia Kay brings something special to the table. A Caucasian pornographic actress of American and Lebanese nationality, Kay is 5’ 3” tall, and her body type is slim. She weighs 118 lbs and her measurements are 32B-24-35. She has a number of tattoos, including the opening line of the National Anthem of Lebanon and the Lebanese Forces Cross.

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Kay’s Professional Career

Mia Kay got her start in the adult film industry in 2021, when she was only 22 years old. She has become increasingly well known, having amassed 86k followers on Instagram as of 2022. Her fans love her for her favorite position: curvy, body cumshot VR – SwallowBay.

Kay’s Personal Life

Following her high school graduation in 2017, Kay married her high school sweetheart. They remained together until 2015, at which point Kay separated from her husband. In 2019, she married a professional chef and separated from him the following year. As of now, Kay is in a relationship with Puerto Rican rapper Jhayco.

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Kay’s Relationship with Religion and Family

Mia Kay has also had a complicated relationship with religion and her family. In 2015, she stated in an interview that she is no longer a practicing Catholic, much to her family’s dismay. Her parents have since publicly distanced themselves from herings stated that her choice of career was due to residing in a foreign country where the culture is different, and they have openly hoped and prayed that she will abandon the industry.

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Mia Kay is a 24 year old pornographic actress who is taking the virtual reality (VR) adult film industry by storm. From her Lebanese heritage to her tattoos and her body measurements, she brings a unique flavor to the world of VR porn and adult films. No matter her personal life or her relationship with religion and family, it is clear that she is single-handedly changing the face of adult entertainment and inspiring other young females to do the same.

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